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444 Jefferson St. Lafayette, LA 70501

(337) 534-4639

Mon-Fri: 7AM-7PM   |   Sat-Sun: 11AM-5PM


Fresh Produce

At Handy Stop, we take great pride in providing fresh, locally sourced produce and vegetables for the Downtown community. Stop by and see what’s in season. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.


Local Goods

As a local grocer, we do our best to carry as many locally sourced products we can get our hands on. If you can’t find something on our shelves that you want us to carry, be sure and let us know.


Prepared Meals

Whether you’re looking for for a quick meal from our deli or an already prepared meal to bring home after work, we’ve got you covered.Our selection changes regularly, so check in to find out what’s on the menu this week.


Handy Stop’s Mission is to provide those who live, work, pray, and play in Downtown Lafayette and surrounding neighborhoods with a traditional grocery and delicatessen experience – featuring quality local products, healthier food options, and personalized food service.

At Handy Stop, we are passionate about providing locally sourced and healthier food options so you can live your fullest life every day.